Another Bitcoin scam hits the Canadians


Another Bitcoin scam hits the Canadians

An alleged Bitcoin (BTC) scam reportedly targets residents of Winnipeg, Canada. The owner of a local supermarket warned that many of his customers were victims of the scammers.

According to Global News, Husni Zeid placed a large sign on the Bitcoin machine he has in his store, asking people to beware of phone scams that solicit bogus Bitcoin investments.

Zeid told local media:

„A lot of people are getting phone calls saying they have to transfer the money to Bitcoin posing as the CRA; we’ve had Manitoba Hydro as well.“

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Multiple complaints

He emphasized that the scams have occurred repeatedly several times a week, and he claims that he receives complaints from victims all the time.

Aura Morissette, a grocery store employee, spoke about one woman who was deeply affected by the scam:

„Yesterday a mother was here and said she gave them all her savings and was just crying. It was heartbreaking that she fell for that; it was sad, and all she said was ‚I have children‘, it was horrible.“

The employee also said that when someone buys Bitcoin on their machine while talking on the phone, they often warn people that they may be victims of a scam.

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Related to the Bitcoin scam in Alberta?
The Winnipeg reports share similarities to another scam we reported on June 19. In that case, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, or RCMP, alleges that the con artists posed as local authorities to extort Bitcoin from their victims.

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