Biden Targets Crypto Tax Loopholes, Community Left Baffled


Biden Targets Crypto Tax Loopholes, Community Left Baffled

• Biden administration has targeted crypto tax loopholes with a proposed tax regime for mining activities.
• Crypto community are left confused, not knowing what the “loopholes” are that Biden is referring to.
• Critics question if these “loopholes” will effect everyday crypto users, or just wealthy investors.

Biden Targets Crypto Tax Loopholes

The Biden administration has been vocal about its desire to curb certain crypto-related activities in recent weeks. On May 2, The administration underscored plans to impose a harsh tax regime for crypto mining, suggesting that the activity caused significant environmental and economic harm. In the latest instance, in a tweet on Monday, May 9, the president has employed “wealthy crypto investors” as a battering ram in his fight with Republicans on budget cuts. Biden claims he wants to cut “tax loopholes that help wealthy crypto investors,” further suggesting that it would save the government $18 billion.

Community Left Confused

On the other hand, he asserted that Republicans want to cut food safety inspections which could save the government $15 billion. The latest attack has however left the crypto community more confused than enraged as no one seems to know what tax loopholes Biden is referring to. Dogecoin co-creator Billy Markus asked „what loopholes ser?“ while retired game developer John W Ratcliff said „What loopholes? I pay the same taxes on my bitcoin that I do on all of my investments.“ Tangent Ventures partner Jason Choi also posed the same question about whether these „loopholes“ will affect everyday crypto users or just wealthy investors.

Environmental and Economic Concerns

President Joe Biden’s administration has been vocal about its desire to curb certain crypto-related activities in recent weeks due to concerns about environmental damage and economic harm caused by cryptocurrency mining operations. By cutting these alleged „tax loopholes“ for wealthy investors, Biden believes he can save up to $18 billion dollars compared with savings of only $15 billion from cutting food safety inspections favored by Republicans.

Confusion Regarding Loopholes

The issue here is confusion over exactly what these „tax loopholes“ are which have prompted this proposal from President Joe Biden’s administration – there is no clear explanation of what they entail or how they would affect ordinary cryptocurrency users versus wealthier ones who may be taking advantage of them in some way. This lack of clarity has led many members within the cryptocurrency community such as Dogecoin co-creator Billy Markus and retired game developer John W Ratcliff questioning what exactly these „loopholes“ are and how they would be affected by any changes proposed by President Joe Biden’s administration.


In conclusion, President Joe Biden’s announcement regarding a potential crackdown on cryptocurrency related „tax loopholes“ appears largely based upon speculation at this point due to a lack of concrete detail over what exactly it entails or how it would affect different levels of cryptocurrency users – leaving much of the community scratching their heads until further information becomes available from his Administration regarding this matter.

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