In one blink Bitcoin exceeded USD 15,000, shall we go for another maximum?


In one blink Bitcoin exceeded USD 15,000, shall we go for another maximum?

Almost in the blink of an eye Bitcoin surpassed its crypto high this year; will it make it past its all-time high?

Today Bitcoin broke the $15,000 mark, something the crypto community hasn’t experienced since 2018. However, the feeling today is completely different from that time.

Bitcoin Reaches $14,000 Again

Bitcoin, the king of kings

During this last week, which has in fact been the week of the US presidential elections, the leading crypto has won 11.31%. And, during the last 24 hours, it has increased by 7.01%, according to data from CoinMarketCap.

Obviously all Bitcoin holders are celebrating right now; in fact, the data reveals that 97% of Bitcoin holders have made a profit.

Just yesterday we saw the leading crypto over $14,000 and wondered if it could hold up. Today, in a very similar scene, we see Bitcoin standing at $15,000.

As of this writing, Bitcoin is slightly above $15,000.

Today’s question is: Will the presidential election be the main catalyst? Just today we talked in Crypt Trend about Dan Held’s Tweet where he pointed out how the leading crypto increases after every U.S. presidential election.

What will happen tomorrow? Will Bitcoin surprise the crypto community again and break a new high?

Grayscale could soon control 5% of Bitcoin’s circulating supply

Great crypto retirement surprises Binance

According to CoinTelegraph, CryptoQuant data revealed that Binance recorded its largest Bitcoin crypto removal during this week. Specifically, 58,861 BTC were removed in one day.

This coincides with Whalemap, who recently reported on Twitter that high-volume movement has been detected.

And it also coincides with what was reported today by CryptTrend, where we noted that indicators point to Bitcoin whales not wanting to sell their crypto.

Bitcoin’s mining difficulty collapses for the second time in its history

Founder of FTX crypto was one of the financiers of Joe Biden’s political campaign

Just yesterday we were talking about how accurate the crypto predictions have been and how this year they have been a better option than traditional surveys.

Today the crypto community learns that Sam Bankman-Fried, FTX founder, contributed $5.2 million to Joe Biden’s campaign, making it one of the most notable donations.

The crypto community learned about it through, a website that lists the top contributors to the 2020 U.S. presidential race. Funny, isn’t it?

Even more interesting is when we see that Bloomberg offered a donation of $57.5 million.

What the community is wondering now, and rightly so, is whether this is some kind of lobbying with the presidential candidate.

As ETH 2.0 Ethereum approaches, it breaks records

Have you ever paid more in commissions than the amount of the transaction? Well, this crypto user does

An Ethereum crypto user made a terrible mistake that we all have nightmares about. Basically the user spent USD 9,300 in fees to send only USD 120.

All this became known through Reddit where an account called „ProudBitcoiner“ published the experience. It explained that the crypto user mistakenly entered the wrong transaction fee while operating, accidentally spending 23 ETH.

The user turned to Reddit for support, inserted the link to the transaction to verify it and wanted to recover what was lost. The problem is that nobody is obliged to return anything. Unfortunately, any typographical error during a crypto transaction is your responsibility and is final.

The most the miners could do is return their earnings if they so wish. However, at least for the time being, the crypto user has had no luck.

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